About Me

Welcome, my name is Soffia Wardy. I'm a Blogger, Chef, Designer & Content Creator. I develop recipes, design spaces, and products. Through this website, I share ideas to inspire your senses through food, home entertaining, decorating, lifestyle, and travel.

Cooking Inspiration

I have been fortunate enough to live in several countries Italy, Switzerland, and Mexico. Through my travels, I have honed my cooking skills and love to experiment with new ideas, global ingredients, and techniques. I'm passionate about maintaining a well-stocked pantry. I love to whip up a great meal almost as much as I love to plan an elaborate dinner party.

My Background

My professional experience has been diverse. Instead of attending Georgetown University to study international law, I worked in the fashion industry. I spent over a decade collaborating with my Dad in his luxury retail fashion business, Amen Wardy, Newport Beach, and Beverly Hills. I then went on to design and manufacture a collection of luxury linens and decorative pillows and later denim sportswear in the US, Mexico, and China. Before relocating to Aspen, I established a bi-lingual medical answering service, “MedConnectUSA.” I then re-joined Amen Wardy Aspen, to launch an online presence and magazine about home entertaining, food, and lifestyle which has now become, Soffia Wardy | The Art of Living Well.

FAQ & Press

Here's more on how and why I blog and published content in FAQs and Press.

Contact Me

I hope to entice you with thoughts and ideas on cooking, entertaining, and travel.  I invite you to share your thoughts, take a look, and Be Inspired!

Design Services, Brand Representation, Products & Influencing

Please contact me at info@soffiawardy.com