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Soups, Stews & Casseroles

Chasen’s Chili

This chili is the best we've ever had! It is my Dad and his partner Bob's, adaptation of the original recipe found in "Chasen's-Where Hollywood Dined". Rumor has it that Elizabeth Taylor, while on location in Rome in 1962, wrote the follo...

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Smothered Tamale Casserole

I have a lot to be thankful for and have learned so much from my Mom, but this has to be the most epic idea yet. It's simple and deliciously genius. Every time we make this people love it. Imagine the most perfect Mexican inspired version...

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Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

This is one of our favorite soups, it is full of flavor, filling and low in calories. Perfect as a starter or a full meal. You can also make this soup with additional vegetables or seafood instead of chicken. Try it with tofu or shrimp, mushrooms instead of red peppers, broccoli instead of kale, lime zest Instead of kaffir lime leaves. The flavors are fresh, intense and absolutely delicious!

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Creamy Swiss Chard Soup with Vegtables

This soup is delicious, nutritious and healthy. It is so rich and creamy that it’s hard to believe that it contains no cream. If you would like to add some extra protein, try shredded chicken or quinoa as a vegetarian option. We found that adding a squeeze of lemon really brightens up the flavor of the soup. Enjoy!

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Roasted Corn Chowder with Lobster Fritters

This is a beautiful and hearty chowder. Enjoy it during any holiday meal or make it for New Year’s Day and savor by a crackling fire with those you cherish most. Imagine rich, creamy and decadent, delicious flavors.

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