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Power Outage Eats

Living in Hawaii can absolutely be described as living in paradise! Of course, living on an island has it’s challenges. Our beautiful island of Kauai, receives an average of over 472 inches or 39 feet of precipitation each year, making it the rainiest and wettest spot on the planet. All of this moisture makes Kauai very green and very lush but also causes common and frequent power outages.

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Thai Street Food Dinner Party

When I plan a dinner party, I first come up with a theme or a mood that I want to set for the evening. Then comes the menu, the table setting, party favors and other fun details. I love eating at street carts and food trucks; it makes me feel ...

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Decorate For Christmas

I love Christmas, don’t you? It’s hard not to, people are happy, children are making lists for Santa, Mom’s are baking, friends are having hot chocolate, stores are full of shoppers and my Dads, Amen & Bob are busy decorating their house and planning their annual triple header (that’s three parties on three consecutive nights).

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Dinner at Home with Chef George Mavro

We were recently invited to join our dear friends Gloria and Steven Cohen for dinner, at their home on Kauai. It’s always a coveted invitation as they are lovely people, wonderful cooks, amazing hosts and fellow foodies. This particular evening as we entered their kitchen we were taken by the intoxicating, wonderful aromas and the unfamiliar face behind the stove.

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New Twists on Christmas Traditions

Holiday traditions form the foundation from which memories are made. Some families are more into the gatherings and the family time, while others spend exorbitant amounts of money making sure they buy the best gift possible for everyone on their list. Doing the same things year after year can be boring.

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Hosting a themed party is one of the great pleasures in life, but let’s be honest it is a lot of work. The more you plan and prepare, the more you and your guests will enjoy. Take a look at some of our best tips for hosting a super spooky, super fun Halloween Spook-Fest-Tacular!

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Hassle Free Holiday Planning

Sure, the holiday season only comes once a year, but sometimes when September or early October rolls around it feels like Dec. 25 is just a few short days ago. The stores are stocked with gift wrap, lawn decorations and presents, and the radio station has even begun playing Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.”

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Napkins, Simple & Stunning: Lap Couture

You wouldn’t wear the same frock every night out on the town, so why dress your table the same each time you entertain? One of the easiest ways to change up the look of your dinner party is by using different napkins and napkin rings. I like to call it “Lap Couture”.

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Anatomy of a Dinner Party

Many dinner parties put together at the last minute come out just fine, however, in our experience a truly memorable evening requires a bit of planning; it is all in the details. Organization gives the hostess more time and energy to enjoy the evening, when it arrives. Advanced prep allows time to layer, the table, the menu and the mood. Consider the thoughts below in planning your next dinner party. Enjoy some of our table settings above.

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