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Easter Egg Place Cards

Easter is such a wonderful time of year to have fun with color and eggs and bunnies and carrots, the list goes on. Did I mention chocolate, well that too! We were sitting around looking at a jumbo bag of plastic eggs we bought to lay around the...

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Aspen Entertain & Deorate

The Perfect Aspen Hideaway

Aspen is one of the most wonderful and beautiful places to live, I call it my little-big city. The core of town is compact, making it very easy to walk or bike everywhere. It’s an active city during the summer and winter, most people are either exercising and enjoying summer/winter sports or dressed in Aspen chic and out on the town. Aspen draws incredibly interesting people from all over the world, giving it a casual yet worldly, culturally rich sophistication.

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Caring For Flower Arrangements

Fresh flowers in a home offer a warm, welcoming and finishing touch to any room. We love them almost everywhere there is a bit of free space. To keep flowers fresh we change the water daily, this will allow your flowers to last several days to a week, regardless of the container.
After the beauty of an arrangement has faded, and the water turns cloudy from the deteriorating stems, we have a few steps that will make clean…

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Collecting Beautiful Birdhouses

Bird houses have become quite a collectors item. With so many unique designs new and old, a collection can easily be amassed with houses of all sizes and shapes. My Dad and his partner Bob are big collectors of many things, including bird houses. My Dad, has often told me that what makes items really stand out is a grouping or collection of them displayed together. Every summer they carefully place over 50 bird houses…

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Re-Cycle Art: Hancrafted Vintage Bikes

Summer in Aspen is fantastically spectacular! One of the most wonderful things that happens this time of year is that our cars, get to vacation in the garage and our bikes get a daily tour of town and the surrounding area. Riding around Aspen is really the easiest way to get around. Town is virtually flat and perfect for a townie bike. The coolest bikes in town come from Re-Cycle Art Aspen. They have the largest selection…

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July 4th Celebrations

July 4th is the 185th day of the year with the exception of leap year, which leaves only 180 days left till the end of the year. It is also the time of year that the Earth is farthest from the sun, but these are just fun facts. To every Americ...

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Planning a Painless Party

Sure you could have it catered but why? Go for it, you can do it… Not everyone likes to cook or plan, but if you do, it’s not difficult to make your party as enjoyable for you as it is for your guests. A little time and effort spent pre-planning can make all the difference in the ease of execution and fun.

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Lotus Ridge Kauai: Paradise on the Garden Island

Lotus Ridge is our beautiful piece of paradise and the name we have given our home on the island of Kauai. The name was inspired by the spectacular ridge at the edge of the property and our love of Lotus Flowers. The ridge, dives down into a breathtaking Hawaiian Valley full of trees that resemble the backdrop for the movie, Jurassic Park.

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Find Your Inner Florist

Usually I prefer to arrange flowers in groups of solid colors, however every once in a while a certain table setting will require an extra punch of color and creativity. It makes no difference if you pick flowers from the garden, buy them from your grocer, local florist or flower stand the technique is the same.

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And The Oscars Goes To…

What makes a great Oscar party? We think it’s all in the creativity; present a fabulous dinner, some unexpected surprises and be creative. With this year’s 84th Academy Awards quickly approaching we thought we would share our 83rd Oscar party to give you some inspiration.

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