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The Gift of Hospitality

Many luxury hotels do a great job of making their guests feel welcome. Some guests find that feeling in the friendly staff, others in the scent of fresh flowers in the common areas and others in the quality of the amenities. There is however nothing more wonderful than feeling welcome in someone’s home. One place I definitely feel welcome is when I visit my brother Jean Paul and his wife Marianna.

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Rocketbuster Boots

Many amazing companies got their start in El Paso, Texas. At the top, of our list, Rocketbuster Boots, one of the finest and most creative custom boot companies in the world. We recently caught up with “The Boss Lady, Nevena Christi who now runs the show, her partner and other half Marty Snortum is currently occupied as a talented photographer.

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Happy Halloween: Lotus Ridge

We decided to have a last minute Halloween dinner before the weekend and wanted to add a non-traditional color into the mix. We both love green so we spiced up the table with green and silver glitter skulls to compliment the orange and black. For glasses we used ghost goblets, perfect for serving red wine on Halloween. The glasses create the spooky illusion that the wine is bleeding into the stem.

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Spicy Soirée: A Night in India

Was it the tapestry place mats with tiny tassels in a spectrum of colors? Or maybe it was the hand-painted figurine with his ornate costume and flowing turban? My Dad doesn’t recall the exact piece that first inspired him to design the India-theme party pictured here, but he says it can start with the smallest detail. “A napkin or a plate might catch my eye,” he explains, “and from that I just start pulling it all together.

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Creative Storage

If you frequent Amen Wardy Home, where the variety of napkin rings is unmatched, you won’t be surprised to know that they are one of my Dad’s favorite objects for table tops. Over the years, he’s amassed a personal collection with too many to count. I am happily trying to follow in his foot steps.

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A Fright to Remember: Ghostly Gathering

Who says you have to be a kid to enjoy Halloween? With the right decorations, it’s possible to set a mood that is both festive and sophisticated—even on a night that’s typically devoted to creepiness and kitsch.

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African Inspired Living Room

Out of Africa: Themed Rooms

Some collections are so vast they require their own room. Such is the case, here, where a lifetime of collecting Africa-themed objects evolved into the creation of this cozy den designed by my Dad.

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Black Forest Deer

The Art of Carving: Black Forest Carvings

Another one of my Dads’ unique collections is Black Forest. From the European Alps to the American Rockies, Black Forest carvings are timeless works of art that celebrate nature and mountain living. Their name causes a bit of geographic confusion—they are often mistakenly associated with the Black Forest of Germany but are in fact from Brienz, Switzerland.

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Prized Porcelain: Collecting Chinese Exports

My parents have had the greatest influence on my love of beautiful home environments. My Dad once told me that what makes a home remarkable is collections of art and antiques, instead of one piece here and there. To make a statement, display pieces together. He has one such set of Chinese Export that I have admired over the years.

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