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Domaine Wardy: Award-Winning Wines and Arak

My Great Grandparents were born in Zahle, Lebanon. That’s where the history of the Wardy’s began. My Great-Great Grandfather, Ibrahim Daher Wardy born in the early 1800s had four sons, Daher, Elias, Wakeen (my Great Grandfather) and Khalil. Below is a picture of my Great-Grandparents Wakeen and Fadua along with my grandfather, Amen Wardy Sr. (standing third from the left) and his brothers and sisters.

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Pairing Wine and Food

In the beginning of the wine journey, it seems to me that most people gravitate towards a particular wine or style of wine. In order to fully enjoy the delights of the wine world it behooves us to expand our wine comfort zone. One of the best ways for us to do this is through choosing a wine to appropriately compliment a meal or dish.

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Being a Wine Contrarian

How does one achieve value in the purchase of wine? For sommeliers like me, we are often searching for obscure and hard to pronounce wines before they become discovered by the masses. There is another way that everyday folks can discover amazing wines with excellent price to quality ratios. Many wines go through a particular arc of popularity. They start becoming popular for their quality and approachability.

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Cortona-Il Falconierie-Baracchi Winery

We toured the Baracchi Winery with Silvia Baracchi, it is located on a beautiful slope just east of Cortona with a wonderful view of the Valdichiana Valley and Under the Tuscan Sun. The 17th century villa was the home of the famous poet Antonio...

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Organic and Biodynamic Wine Producers

Some people think of organic wines as being of lesser quality. Much of this belief stems from when wines are labeled organic as a marketing ploy to sell a product that wouldn’t have much of a following without the “organic” branding. Because of the stigma created by these wines, most wineries producing an organic product make no mention of their farming practices on the bottle. Thankfully, this is changing.

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