Kauai’s Best Barbecue: Chicken In A Barrel BBQ

Kauai’s Best Barbecue: Chicken In A Barrel BBQ

1. Marinating the chicken before smoking.
2. Hanging the chicken in the smoking barrel.
3. Chicken smoking in the barrel.
4. Waiting for savory satisfaction.
The drive between the North & South Shores of Kauai is spectacular, from either direction on Kuhio Hwy, you will drive through the small town of Kapaa. On one sunny day, we saw smoke coming from a barrel on the side of the road. It did not take long for us to smell “Smoked Barbecue,” which was of course our cue to slam on the brakes. We pulled into a small shack next to the smoking barrel and felt as though we had been transported to the “Whitlestop Cafe” from the movie, Fried Green Tomatoes, and YES our mouths were watering.
We looked up and saw that we were in front of “Chicken In A Barrel”, it’s nothing more than a roadside shack, but we had to see what this was all about. The smoke was actually coming from a custom-made 50-gallon drum Barrel Smoker that they use to cook all the featured meats. The menu contains ribs, beef, pork and chicken as well as homemade chili and Hawaiian style coleslaw. We ordered the chicken that they hang off hooks in the barrel to smoke it until it literally falls off the bone, then of course it receives a bath of mild or spicy barbecue sauce.
The owner and founder of Chicken In A Barrel, Mike Pierce started this business in 2010. His intention was spread the love of God and this extraordinary culinary joy. Each take out container comes with a hand written quote of scripture. When you take the first bite, you will quickly see that this establishment and family has been blessed with the ability to create something joyously delicious!
There are now several locations on Kauai and even one in California.

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