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Power Outage Eats

Living in Hawaii can absolutely be described as living in paradise! Of course, living on an island has it’s challenges. Our beautiful island of Kauai, receives an average of over 472 inches or 39 feet of precipitation each year, making it the rainiest and wettest spot on the planet. All of this moisture makes Kauai very green and very lush but also causes common and frequent power outages.

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Dinner at Home with Chef George Mavro

We were recently invited to join our dear friends Gloria and Steven Cohen for dinner, at their home on Kauai. It’s always a coveted invitation as they are lovely people, wonderful cooks, amazing hosts and fellow foodies. This particular evening as we entered their kitchen we were taken by the intoxicating, wonderful aromas and the unfamiliar face behind the stove.

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Caring For Flower Arrangements

Fresh flowers in a home offer a warm, welcoming and finishing touch to any room. We love them almost everywhere there is a bit of free space. To keep flowers fresh we change the water daily, this will allow your flowers to last several days to a week, regardless of the container.
After the beauty of an arrangement has faded, and the water turns cloudy from the deteriorating stems, we have a few steps that will make clean…

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Lotus Ridge Kauai: Paradise on the Garden Island

Lotus Ridge is our beautiful piece of paradise and the name we have given our home on the island of Kauai. The name was inspired by the spectacular ridge at the edge of the property and our love of Lotus Flowers. The ridge, dives down into a breathtaking Hawaiian Valley full of trees that resemble the backdrop for the movie, Jurassic Park.

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Clean Home-Happy Home

Having a clean home makes anyone feel great. We especially like the feeling of relaxation and calm it gives us. I have always been a bit of a neat-nick, even as a small child. We recently saw a segment on Good Morning America, offering some interesting tips on house cleaning, that we thought were great and wanted to share those mentioned as well as ours with our readers.

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Love Your Linens

After a flurry of holiday parties and events, there’s an inevitable heap of table linens calling out for proper washing and storage. Okay, I know this isn’t a fun task for anyone. But the tedium is offset by the longevity of natural fibers if they are treated well. And actually, it’s not a complicated process, it just helps to pay attention to the end-of-cycle buzzer on your washer and dryer.

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At Home: In Our Lebanese Kitchen

My childhood was full of delicious memories. Everyone in my family loves to cook and eat; we always enjoy sharing meals. In addition to both of my parents being sensational cooks, my Grandparents were also extraordinary in the kitchen. Amen Sr. and Rose Wardy, or as we affectionately called them Sitti & Gitti.

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Creative Storage

If you frequent Amen Wardy Home, where the variety of napkin rings is unmatched, you won’t be surprised to know that they are one of my Dad’s favorite objects for table tops. Over the years, he’s amassed a personal collection with too many to count. I am happily trying to follow in his foot steps.

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